The Worst Trade I Have Ever Done

Leavitt Brothers Founder and Head Researcher Jason Leavitt explains the worst trade he's ever made - and how you can learn from his mistakes when you're trading your portfolio.

Jason Leavitt, 2017
Categories: Stocks

The Trend Knockout (TKO) Strategy

In this new video from Dave Landry, he covers handling your emotions while trading as well as the four steps to applying his favorite trading strategy within your portfolio.

Dave Landry, 2017
Categories: Stocks

How to Quickly Identify Entries and Exits with RMO

Watch Kelly Clement give a great demonstration and explanation of the RMO trading system and how you can apply it to your portfolio.

Kelly Clement, 2017
Categories: Stocks

Selecting the Ideal Strike in Options

Join Todd Gordon of Trading Analysis as he explains how to take your trading to the next level using Fibonacci the correct way so you can begin finding better trade entries and exits.

Todd Gordon, 2017
Categories: Stocks

Using Shock Value and Relative Strength to Trade Opening Gaps

Follow along with Anmol Singh of Live Traders as he goes over how he trades opening gaps and recaps some recent portfolio activity and his trade of the day.

Anmol Singh, 2017
Categories: Stocks

Candlesticks Made Simple: One Pattern to Change Your Game

Full-time Market Technician Serger Berger of The Steady Trader shows you how to keep it simple in your trading with three easy steps to applying one candlestick pattern to up your trading game.

Serge Berger, 2017
Categories: Stocks

How to Compete Against Computer Algorithm Trading

12-time MoneyShow Champion, Fausto Pugliese, shows you how to compete against high-tech computers and the trading algorithms they use.

Fausto Pugliese, 2015
Categories: Stocks

Exchange Traded Fund Revolution: Using Limited Risk Option Strategies

Follow along with Alan Knuckman as he covers a revolution in opportunity vehicles - ETFs - as well as objectives for ETF trading strategies.

Alan Knuckman, 2015
Categories: Stocks

Catching Big Trends With Bollinger BandsĀ®

See the analysis and trading strategies behind former Stock Exchange Specialist Steven Primo's methods for catching trends using Bollinger Bands.

Steven Primo, 2016
Categories: Stocks

Fast Track Your Trading With One Simple Strategy

Ahead of the S&P 500 for the 4th consecutive year, learn from Anka Metcalf of Trade Out Loud how you may fast-track your trading in a simple way.

Anka Metcalf, 2014
Categories: Stocks

Trading Tops & Bottoms with a Specialist Edge

Follow along with Steve as talks about how most people trade tops and bottoms and what you should consider instead.

Steven Primo, 2014
Categories: Stocks

Candlestick Breakout Patterns

Steve shares the simple logic behind eight (8) candlestick breakout patterns and how you can apply them to your trading.

Steve Bigalow, 2012
Categories: Stocks

Make Your Living Trading Gaps

Join Melissa Armo as she covers multiple reasons why you should consider trading the gaps and why a career in trading may be worth looking into.

Melissa Armo, 2015
Categories: Stocks

Powerful Candlestick Breakouts: Trading the T-Line

Steven covers one simple rule, a candlestick truism, and more in this video presentation on trading the T-line.

Steve Bigalow, 2015
Categories: Stocks

Profitable Trades and Targets

See what tools, indicators and patterns John uses that may increase the probability of your trades panning out.

John Seville, 2014
Categories: Stocks

The Best First Hour Trading Setup

Adrian explains using assumptions, 5-minute charts for position management and more for the best first hour trading setup.

Adrian Manz, 2015
Categories: Stocks

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