Avoiding the Markets Favorite Traps

Follow along with Casey as he shows you how to avoid the market's favorite trap with their profit-increasing strategy - including entry points.

Casey Stubbs, 2013
Categories: Forex

Forex Battle Plan

Cecil covers his Forex Battle Plan, which has some great nuggets of info valid for today's market climate.

Cecil Robles, 2014
Categories: Forex

Predicting Markets with Volume and Price

Watch Nigel explain why volume and price are so important to factor into your trading.

Nigel Hawkes, 2014
Categories: Forex

Making Money from Fundamental Analysis

The #2 Forex trader in 2008, Jarratt Davis talks about the fundamental analysis he used to achieve trading success.

Jarratt Davis, 2014
Categories: Forex

High Probability Break Out Trading

Jared of Day Traders FX details his methods for finding high probability breakout trades in this informative presentation.

Jared Johnson, 2014
Categories: Forex

Why Banks Use Order Flow and High Frequency Trading as Weapons of Mass Destruction Against the Retail Trader

See how Ricardo fights back against the trading tactics of the big banks.

Ricardo Menjivar, 2015
Categories: Forex

The Equality Trade Using Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, and Harmonics

See how well-established trader and author Jody Samuels of FX Traders Edge applies her favorite Forex chart setup: the Equality Trade.

Jody Samuels, 2015
Categories: Forex

The Trump Effect

Jared Martinez, the "FX Chief", sits down with David Cochiarella to talk about Jared's beginnings, the "Trump Effect" of the 2016 election and how Jared finds the trend in the FX markets.

Jared Martinez; David Cochiarella, 2016
Categories: Forex

Perfect Storm: the Fed, Election & Brexit

Dave sits down with Abe Cofnas, Senior Fundamental Strategist for Market Traders Institute, to talk about the 'perfect storm' of events affecting the Forex markets.

Abe Cofnas; David Cochiarella, 2016
Categories: Forex

Using Missed Pivots to Ride the Biggest Trends

Follow along with Rob Booker of The Booker Report as he uses live charts to show you how to use missed pivots to catch major market moves and why all trading systems eventually lose steam.

Rob Booker, 2017
Categories: Forex

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